Questions on shortness of breath

Posted March 7th, 2017 by Duken

I have been having sharp chest pains on the left side, like its-dull, shooting pain. It is causing me to have shortness of breath after eating and it a very scary feeling I am a 23 year old female who smokes and drinks. I have asthma and IBS and suffer football-mad.

23 yr. old female or not, you have classic symptoms of someone whose physical condition is out of control, and if not careful, will develop into something more serious. first of all, what you describe are in fact initial symptoms of a heart issue. i’d suggest you see a physician as soon as possible and relay exactly what you are experiencing. You may have high blood pressure, which is a cause an effect of your smoking and drinking, coupled with asthma and who knows what else. we seldom get warning signs that our bodies need medical attention, so please don’t ignore yours. i also wont get on a bandwagon and tell you to stop smoking, especially with asthma as you already know that, but try cutting back little by little, and if you put yourself in a smokey environment, remove yourself from it. i do hope you take care of yourself and good luck. It’s a good idea to make an appointment straight away with your DR.

I’m starting to feel sick…Headaches. nose stuffy and.shortness of breath wen I work out…idk if its a fever trynatake me down or if its allergy///anyway I cannot get sick rite now! so what should I do?

Buy airbourne and start taking that daily as a supplement of sorts. It really does work because it’s doing wonders for me right now.

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