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Posted January 10th, 2017 by Duken

I had a urine test last week and had been using left overpercocet (7.5mg) 3-4 a day for about 2 weeks. Will the drug test show up the same as if I had been taking Lortab?

I’d say yes, on all of my drug screenings, they categorize drugs. Marijuana is its own classification, but all painkillers show up as one, (look online for the name). However, they can find the specificity of the drug at the lab, but they wont look for an exact distinction unless asked…

Can you fail urine drug test taking hydroxyzine pamoate?

No, there is nothing in that except for an Antihistimine. Tell the person who tests you what medications you are on before you give the sample.

Would lsd show up in a (urine) drug test?

It doesn’t unless you are under the influence at the time of the test.

Will percocet and oxycontin show up the same in a urine test?

No inappropriate use = no worries.
Dump the illegal stuff in the toilet.
Put the containers in the trash.
Wash your hands.
Be free of the need for questions like this.

Are you using? If so quit then you can be worry free. In these economic times a person has to be held to a higher standard if they are going to have a chance of making it.

Yes…opiates.. You know the details here.

They will show up as opiates, and you’ll be fired or violated. Stop taking those pills, Dummy!

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