My truck is possessed

Posted May 26th, 2015 by Duken

My truck is possessed!  For the last 10 months my truck has full control of when I leave work each day.  I had to have my engine replaced about the middle of August of 2010 and my starter seems to have a mind of it’s own.  So far as I can figure, my starter will do absolutely nothing or it will start the engine.  I have a 13 mile stretch down a highway  and then make a right turn and go another 9 miles to get home.  My truck will take between 5 and 50 seconds to start, there is no struggling to turn over, the battery has been replaced, relays have been swapped and connections have been checked and checked again.  Now I turn the key and hold it and the truck starts when it is good and ready.  I do not know if it delays me to keep me from being in an accident or if it  has other intentions.  Either way there seem to be some weird forces at work here.  Sometimes it will go for days and start every time and sometimes it will do it every day for weeks.  My wife has named our truck Manya.

She says that Manya is a good girl, but I think she is trying to teach me a lesson for neglecting her to the point of having to replace the engine.  Once she starts, she will go all day on and off with no interruptions.  There are a few things that I have noticed over the months and they are that she will start every time if she has been off for less than 3 hours.  She will behave better if I have paid attention to her like washing or checking fluids.  And she acts up the most when she has been sitting in hot weather for over 7 hours.  My mechanic wants me to bring her in, but I am getting use to having another woman control my life.  Does that make me a bigamist?  At this point it has been amusing and sometimes comical.  I will keep everyone informed about any further bazaar happenings like talking and the such.

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