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In order for all of us at CrazyCL to provide some sort of an entertainment factor that will not be frowned upon in the Internet community, this will be what can be considered the first article.  Concrete Galoshes day is the 3rd 5th day holiday conceived by my cousin Steve and I.  It was originally meant to represent the end of Summer, by encasing our feet in concrete to simulate the wearing of shoes again and the end of the shoe-less summer.  Instead, it has proven to be something much greater than that, a ritual if you must, to signify our stead-fast attitudes toward hurricanes.  You see, in Palm Beach County, there has not been a hurricane that has hit when we perform this feat.  My cousin and I get many (oh, they’re just crazy’s) when we do this.  But the fact remains that we provide a much needed protection for our homes and our cousin’s homes when we encase our feet in cement on September 5th.  

A collection of galoshes from years past.  So far this millennium, we have only missed CG’s day only twice, 2004 and 2005 and see what happened!

This 2011 Concrete Galoshes day, we shall attempt to have the ordeal LIVE on the Internet, so all can see the legend in action.


First you will have to start with some type of basic forms, cardboard boxes are traditional, but plastic boxes are acceptable.  You will need plastic bags for your feet and for your boxes(if you are using cardboard), masking or duct tape and (2) 50 or 60 pound bags of quick set concrete.  Also, you will need to gather food and drink and portable shelter and anything you may think you will need if you are unable to move for at least 6 hours.  I have made a portable biker buddy for when I have to pee, but cousin Steve just stands up and gets some rather impressive distance.  We usually have a hose, some tunes and a good supply of beer.  On September 5th, it is best to be finished pouring your concrete galoshes before dark.  Rubber gloves and shoes on your feet have proven to be a wise move as the cement has lime in it and it gets warm or even HOT as it cures.  If you plan to walk any distance wearing your cement overshoes, 2 pairs of socks would be a good idea.  My personal preference is to throw tomahawks while wearing concrete overshoes on concrete galoshes day.  Also since I make my concrete galoshes only 40 pounds each, the addition of some re-bar helps in strength.  

Now the hardest part of this endeavor, is mixing and pouring your concrete into the forms.  Help is allowed in pouring, but mixing should be done by each individual them self.  Pre made plastic forms are much easier than cardboard, but should be coated lightly with some sort of vegetable oil for easy release and reuse next year.  I will usually pour one inch of crete into each mold to start and add re-bar for the final pour.  It is not recommended using hydraulic cement solely for shoes as it expands and may crush your feet as it cooks them, but a little as an additive is ok.  As long as you are prepared before you start, the experience is not dreadful.  I like to leave my concrete galoshes on until 12 or later and remove them with a hammer and chisel.  

Do not forget to engrave the year on your galoshes while they are still wet.  They will make a fine addition to the garden when you are finished.

Enjoy your Concrete Galoshes Day on September 5th.

Oh Yeh!   Try to stay away from deep water.

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