Was that for last night?

Posted April 3rd, 2014 by Duken

I was working as a temporary food server in a retirement home during my summer break from graduate school. One of the chefs asked if I would give a check to the boss. My boss and I were both working the floor, serving people dinner. I approached my boss, telling him that I had a check from the chef. I asked my boss where I should put the check. My boss, with four plates in his hands asked me to place it in his front shirt pocket. I did, and he responded, “Was that for last night?” I felt humiliated and angry. I shot him an angry look, turned around, and walked away. I really needed the work.

I talked to him about his behavior a few days later and let him know that I thought his remark was inappropriate and especially embarrassing when said in front of others. I told him that his comment made me uncomfortable because it made it seem that he and I had some relationship other than professional and that relationship involved the exchange of money. Although I didn’t say it, his comment made us look as though we were engaging in prostitution. He apologized. He said that as soon as the comment came out of his mouth, he knew he shouldn’t have said it; the look on my face confirmed his thoughts. There were no further incidents.

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