3 Helpful Tips To Keep Back Pain Away

Posted October 23rd, 2017 by Duken

Back pain often has causes that can be removed, being part of people’s daily habits. Each day, the back is sorely tested. To avoid the pain and protect your spine by daily activities, keep in mind the following recommendations.

  • At the wheel

While standing at the wheel the vibrations and the pressure on the lumbar vertebrae generates contractures and pain from the pelvis to the neck. To avoid these troubles and provide the necessary comfort fix the position of the seat: the seat-back slightly tilted back so that the head is aligned with the trunk and pelvis. Also, the headrest should be positioned so as not to push the head in front, but to offer support. For the torso, you can use a lumbar pillow. Before you hit the road, do not forget to properly adjust the mirrors to avoid repetitive motion of the head. If you go a long way make a stop for 15 minutes every two hours to stretch your joints and relax.

  • At the office

You will experience pain between your shoulder blades when being in your office, then you should get some relief from this pain. While working at the computer is necessary to make a break for 5 minutes at least every hour. A special desk chair has to be adjusted to the proper height so the monitor screen to be at the eye level. Choose a chair with a high back allowing full support of both the spine and head. And if you can end up your work day with a cold laser therapy for your back pain or some exercises done in a gym consider yourself a lucky man.

  • Bag

Children can have back pain too because of the weight of the school bag. It should not be worn on one shoulder. The best is the bag that is worn over both shoulders, maybe a model equipped with a belt. Child’s school bag should be positioned at the back high enough so as not to touch the back or pelvis during walking. The belt comes loose around the abdomen and is designed to reduce the swing and balance the back weight.

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